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Meet Our Priest

Father David Maciej

Father David Maciej was born in Little Falls and grew up on a farm near Bowlus with three brothers and one sister.


For as long as he can remember he had thought about becoming a priest, his final decision came while serving in the Navy.


He went to seminary in St. Paul and in his 31 years as a priest, has served in eight locations, including three different times serving multiple parishes.


For Father David, the most rewarding thing about being a priest is "celebrating mass with the people and helping people with their faith in a simple sense."


The early beginnings of the church go back to 1902, when a log church and a small house to accommodate the priest was built on a donated tract of land in the Town of Platte in eastern Morrison County. Prior to this, Catholics of this area attended services in either Pierz or Little Falls. The parish was taken care of as a mission by Royalton, Flensberg, and St. Cloud at that time. The church was officially incorporated as the Church of the Holy Cross in 1904. The first resident pastor was Father R. Wawrzynski. On New Year's Day, 1917, the log church burned down. For almost a year, services were held in the parish house.

Church 1902 to 1917

A new church was constructed two miles east in what is now known as the village of Harding. The parish was once again a mission. This time under the guidance of the Catholic Parish in St. Anna, MN. A full-time pastor was designated in July, 1923. The parish house was constructed that same year.

Church 1918 to 1958

In the late 1950's, the parishioners once again determined that a new church was needed for the parish community. A new church was constructed immediately to the north of the existing church. The copper bell tower and granite facade make Holy Cross a landmark for miles around. The church was paid for with individual donations and with the proceeds from the annual parish bazaar held each year on the Sunday before Labor Day.

Church 1959 - 2000

In the year 2000, Holy Cross again took on a building project - this time to address handicapped accessibility and other space to update the well maintained building. The project was completed in September, 2001. The new construction added a four-stop elevator, a gathering space, an adoration chapel, handicapped confessional and bathroom facilities.

Church 2001 - 2011

Holy Cross celebrated its 100th year in August, 2004. We are privileged to have witnessed the true Holy Cross spirit for over a century. The parish continues to show faith and resiliency in their ability to adapt to change and maintain a vital parish community. We look forward to the future with anticipation.



From Brainerd: Go south on highway 25 for about 18 miles; go east 3 miles on Morrison County Road 48 into Harding.

From Pierz: Go north on highway 25 for about 8 miles; go east 3 miles on Morrison County Road 48 into Harding.


For directions from anywhere, just click the "directions" link on the map, and type in your location.

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