January 28, 2018




Box 38                                                                                             January 28th, 2018                                                   29482 – 243rd Street


Lastrup, MN  56344                                                                                                                                                              Pierz, MN  56364


                                                                                                                                                  HOLY CROSS CHURCH WEBSITE - hardingchurch.org


                                                                                                                                               SAINT JOHN’S CHURCH WEBSITE – stjohnlastrup.com


                                                                                     FATHER DAVID MACIEJ, PASTOR  (320-468-2111)




Tuesday                 January 30th                          7:00 pm                                 Saint John Nepomuk                                             +James Plakut


Wednesday           January 31st                           8:00 am                                 Holy Cross                                                                 Allen Jaques


Thursday                February 1st                          7:00-8:00 pm                       Holy Cross                            Divine Mercy Eucharistic Adoration Service


                                                                                8:00 pm                                 Holy Cross                                                             +Donald Tretter


Saturday                February 3rd                          8:00 pm                                 Saint John Nepomuk                                            +Brian Kummet


Sunday                   February 4th                          8:45 am                                 Holy Cross                                                              +Roger Donek                                 


Sunday                   February 4th                        10:45 am                                 Saint John Nepomuk                                                For the Parishes


                *Divine Mercy Eucharistic Adoration: 7:00 – 8:00 pm on Thursday, February 1st with Mass at 8:00 pm at Holy Cross Church


                *Monthly Adoration on Tuesday, February 20th from 4:30-10:00 pm at Saint John Nepomuk Church                                                       


                *Rosary and Divine Mercy Prayer – 25 minutes before Mass at both Parishes


                *Prayer Service: 7:30-9:00 pm every Wednesday evening at Holy Cross Church in the Divine Mercy Adoration Room


                *Confessions:  Saturday, 7:15 pm at Saint John Nepomuk Church and Sunday, 8:00 am at Holy Cross Church


HOLY CROSS CHURCH:                                                                                                                                                                    


Ushers:                  Sunday                                   February 4th                          8:45 am                                 Dave Schubert and Gary Matlock    


Servers:                 Sunday                                   February 4th                          8:45 am                                 Marybeth Tautges


Lector:                   Sunday                                   February 4th                          8:45 am                                 Lynn Dukowitz


Rosary:                   Sunday                                   February 4th                          8:45 am                                 Lois Woitalla        


E. Minister:            Sunday                                   February 4th                          8:45 am                                 Leonard, Debbie and Diane






Ushers:                  Saturday                                February 3rd                          8:00 pm                                 Mark Beierman and Cory Loidolt


                                Sunday                                   February 4th                        10:45 am                                 Ron Monson and Don Will                                 


Servers:                 Saturday                                February 3rd                          8:00 pm                                 Jack Smude and Ella Riedeman


                                Sunday                                   February 4th                        10:45 am                                 Alexus Hanneken and Lily Poser


Lectors:                 Saturday                                February 3rd                          8:00 pm                                 Mark Loidolt


                                Sunday                                   February 4th                        10:45 am                                 Children’s Mass


E. Ministers:          Saturday                                February 3rd                          8:00 pm                                 Allen, Carol and Ginny            


                                Sunday                                   February 4th                        10:45 am                                 Bonnie, Cathy and Lisa






The word “authority” often brings up negative images and feelings.  Today’s Gospel describes Jesus as teaching “with authority.”  We pray that this truth will be a positive reality in our lives, that we may realize His divine knowledge as the source of all truth.  Jesus is God, the One who is able to reveal to us the truth of our lives and of the gift of salvation.           Fr. David




CHANGE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE THIS MONTHWith Holy Trinity students leading us at the 10:45 am Mass today, we will not be having a practice for St. John’s young people this coming Friday.  However, if any of the others would still like to help lead next Sunday at 10:45, please call me at 468-2111.  We certainly want to give you this opportunity each month.                  Fr. David




CHRISTIAN MOTHERS/WOMEN MEETING FEBRUARY 6THAll women of St. John’s are invited to our next Christian Mothers/Women meeting taking place Tuesday, Feb. 6th, 7:45 pm in the rectory.




SCRIPTURE READINGS TODAY – Deuteronomy 18:15-20; I Corinthians 7:32-35; Mark 1:21-28.




MORRISON COUNTY PRO-LIFE DINNERJoin other Pro-Life advocates today (Sunday) at the Falls Ballroom in Little Falls for the annual Pro-Life Dinner, sponsored by the Morrison County Chapter of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life.  Social hour starts at 12:00 noon, with dinner from 12:50-2:00 pm.  Tickets at the door for $12.00.




CATHOLIC MEN’S CONFERENCESaturday, Feb. 3rd at St. John’s University, Collegeville, 8:00 am to 5:30 pm.  Call the Office of Marriage and Family at (320)252-4721.




LOOKING FOR FEEDBACKBishop Kettler and other leaders of the St. Cloud Diocese are looking for feedback regarding the priest shortage in the diocese, and how best to serve our parishes.  If you have a specific suggestion regarding your hopes for your parish, as well as for our area parishes, please let a Parish Council member or Fr. David know.




CONCERNED ABOUT DEMENTIA?Horizon Health offers training and education to help individuals and families deal with Dementia.  Contact Michele Henifin at 468-6451.






STEWARDSHIP for Sunday, January 21st – Adults, $759.00 (47 envelopes); Children, 10.50 (14 envelopes); Adult Loose, $59.00; Children Loose, $6.75; Building Funds, $150.00 (2 envelopes).    Thanks for your Gift of Giving to Holy Cross Church, Parishioners, children and others!




PLEASE NOTE – Holy Cross Church Group II has a new Leader and Assistant Leader and they are Leader:  Kari Dembouski (277-3371) and Assistant Leader:  Debbie Woitalla (277-3860).  Thanks ladies for offering your service to Group II.




DONUT SUNDAY – Sunday, February 4th after the 8:45 am Mass at Holy Cross Church with Group 2 doing the honors of serving the donuts!




CHURCH CLEANERS – Marietta Maleski, Tammy Maleski, Vickie Maleski, Mary Manlick, Gwen Marshall, Nicole Matlock, Valerie Matlock, Jackie Moser and Charlotte Obowa.  Thanks to all of our ladies who come each and every week to clean the Lord’s House!  A job well done!!




SAINT JOHN NEPOMUK PARISH NEWS:                                                                                                                                                                


STEWARDSHIP for Sunday, January 21st – Adult, $833.00; Youth, $2.50; Loose, $250.00.  Thanks for your Gift of Giving to St. John’s Church!




PARISH COUNCIL MET JANUARY 16THDue to the Catholic Mutual inspection, these updates are taking place:  1) Getting a bid on some electrical work; 2) Rick Monson taking care of small garage by cemetery; 3) Ladders are being replaced; 4) All fire extinguishers checked and Dean Virnig putting more where needed; 5) There will be a clipboard in the back of Church for any shoveling or applying ice bite.  Please write your name and the date; 6) Debra Meyer-Myrum principal thanked St. John’s for their support of Holy Trinity.  She spoke of updates to the school.  Replacing windows on second floor and possibly a sprinkler system.  Enrollment down but maintain around 150.  Parish contributions have dropped due to Holy Trinity’s successful fundraising.  7) Ruth Virnig’s term will be ending; 8) Dale and Dixie Beierman volunteered to continue cleaning church and will ask for help when they are unavailable; 9) The raffle is set for May 6th, and a letter was sent with the contribution statements.




BAR BINGO at one location in Lastrup.  Wednesday evenings, 6:00 pm at Tiny’s Tavern. Jackpot is $600.00 for 49 numbers and $400.00 for 60 numbers by Saint John’s Gaming #02115.  Hopefully, you’re getting out to play Bingo, you only have one evening that you can play Bingo!    






Please keep in our Prayers the following – Theresa Becker, Darnell Froelich, Roberta Gross, Bob Happke, Ione Hoskins, Katie Houle (Belle Prairie), Diane Kowalczyk, Joey Kozulla, Rita Kruschek (Hillman), Astella Kurtz, Alan Novak (Foley), Lois Roscoe, Robert Schmidtz, Jerry Wagner, Leon Weiss, Roger Woitalla and Betty Wyatt.  Prayer List for Lastrup is 468-6395 and for Harding is 277-3832.




PANCAKE BREAKFAST at St. Michael’s Parish Center, Buckman on Sunday, February 11th.  Serving from 8:30 am – 12:00 noon.  Serving Pancakes, eggs, sausage, fresh fruit, coffee, milk and juice.  Adults, $8.00; Children 5-12, $5.00; 4 and under, free.  Immediate family of 5 or more: $25.00.  All proceeds go towards Holy Trinity School 6th Grade Camp Foley trip. Also there will be a yummy Bake Sale!  Please join us!   




HOLY TRINITY CATHOLIC SCHOOL:                           BELIEVE, GROW, ACHIEVE           468-6446


Holy Trinity Calendar Winners:  1-22 Abby Andrea; 1-23 Gerri Boser; 1-24 Kelsey Fuhrman; 1-25 Tom Kapsner; 1-26 Jan Kimman; 1-27 Phyllis Hoheisel ($35.00 winners); 1-28 Jamie Litke ($75.00 winner).                      Congratulations to all our Winners!




***HOLY TRINITY SCHOOL will be celebrating Catholic Schools Week January 27 – February 2.  Check out Holy Trinity Facebook page for pictures of each day’s events.  Thank you for supporting Holy Trinity by purchasing carnival raffle tickets 468-6446.






***WHEN:  Scheduled for 24 hours starting January 30, 2018, 8:00 am to January 31, 2018, 8:00 am


***WHERE:  Online!  Holy Trinity Catholic School, https://holytrinitypierz.giving.factsmgt.com.


***WHY:  Because Catholic schools change lives and now is the time to give back!




FROM GRACE’S CORNER:                             EMAIL:  [email protected]                        PHONE NUMBER:  277-3832


THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK – Do something nice and give all your best to the fulfillment of a worthwhile endeavor.  It will give you a very deep sense of happiness and satisfaction.