December 3, 2017


SAINT JOHN NEPOMUK CHURCH                             FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT                                             HOLY CROSS CHURCH


Box 38                                                                                             December 3, 2017                                                    29482 – 243rd Street


Lastrup, MN  56344                                                                                                                                                              Pierz, MN  56364


                                                                                                                                   HOLY CROSS CHURCH WEBSITE - hardingchurch.org


                                                                                                                                   SAINT JOHN’S CHURCH WEBSITE – stjohnlastrup.com


                                                                                     FATHER DAVID MACIEJ, PASTOR  (320-468-2111)




Tuesday                 December 05th                     7:00 pm                                 Saint John Nepomuk                                            +Urban and Zita Poser


Wednesday           December 06th                     8:00 am                                 Holy Cross                                                             +Martha Woitalla


Thursday                December 07th                     7:00-7:45 pm                       Holy Cross                          Divine Mercy Eucharistic Adoration Service


Thursday                December 07th                     8:00 pm                                 Holy Cross                                                             +Marilyn Bieganek


Friday                     December 08th                     8:45 am                                 Holy Cross                                                             +Greg Woitalla


                                December 08th                     8:00 pm                                 Saint John Nepomuk                                               For the Parishes


Saturday                December 09th                     8:00 pm                                 Saint John Nepomuk                                            +Betty Boser


Sunday                   December 10th                     8:45 am                                 Holy Cross                                                 +Roman, Mark & Pam Woitalla      


Sunday                   December 10th                   10:45 am                                 Saint John Nepomuk                                               For the Parishes


                *Divine Mercy Eucharistic Adoration: 7:00 – 8:00 pm on Thursday, December 7th with Mass at 8:00 pm at Holy Cross Church


                *Monthly Adoration on Tuesday, December 19th from 4:30-10:00 pm at Saint John Nepomuk Church


                *Rosary and Divine Mercy Prayer – 25 minutes before Mass at both Parishes


                *Prayer Service: 7:30-9:00 pm every Wednesday evening at Holy Cross Church in the Divine Mercy Adoration Room


                *Confessions:  Saturday, 7:15 pm at Saint John Nepomuk Church and Sunday, 8:00 am at Holy Cross Church




Ushers:                  Friday – Imm. Conception  December 08th                     8:45 am                                 Willie Rudolph and Dave Schubert


                                Sunday                                   December 10th                     8:45 am                                 Gary Matlock and Allen Stuckmayer


Servers:                 Sunday                                   December 10th                     8:45 am                                 Marybeth and Laura Tautges


Lectors:                 Friday – Imm. Conception  December 08th                     8:45 am                                 Dave Skwira


                                Sunday                                   December 10th                     8:45 am                                 Janet Hanneken


Rosary:                   Friday – Imm. Conception  December 08th                     8:45 am                                 Phyllis Schmidtbauer


                                Sunday                                   December 10th                     8:45 am                                 Holy Name


E. Ministers:          Friday – Imm. Conception  December 08th                     8:45 am                                 Phyllis Schmidtbauer                          


                                Sunday                                   December 10th                     8:45 am                                Debbie Hoheisel






Ushers:                  Friday – Imm. Conception  December 08th                     8:00 pm                                 Ron Monson and Don Will


                                Saturday                                December 09th                     8:00 pm                                 Willie Schirmers and Marne Loidolt


                                Sunday                                   December 10th                   10:45 am                                 Ron Monson and Don Will


Servers:                 Friday – Imm. Conception  December 08th                    8:00 pm                                 Jared and Scotty Becker


                                Saturday                                December 09th                     8:00 pm                                 Ella Riedeman and Jack Smude


                                Sunday                                   December 10th                   10:45 am                                 Paige and Piper Laney


Lectors:                 Friday – Imm. Conception  December 08th                     8:00 pm                                 Paige Laney


                                Saturday                                December 09th                     8:00 pm                                 Dale Beierman


                                Sunday                                   December 10th                  10:45 am                                  Children’s Mass


E. Ministers:          Friday – Imm. Conception  December 08th                     8:00 pm                                 Ginny Seelen


                                Saturday                                December 09th                     8:00 pm                                 Allen Riedeman                


                                Sunday                                   December 10th                   10:45 am                                 Julie Laney






We begin a new Church Year with the First Sunday of Advent.  These few weeks before Our Lord’s birth ask us to be watchful and alert, preparing our hearts for His coming.  It can be difficult to do this when so much around us fills our days.  But to sense the Lord’s presence, and to see His daily “comings” into our lives, bring us the awareness that He is with us always.  Note the Advent attachment on today’s Bulletin.                 Fr. David




IMMACULATE CONCEPTION OF MARYFriday, December 8th is the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, a Holy Day of Obligation.  We celebrate what God has done in preserving Mary from any trace of Original Sin, preparing her to be the Mother of His Son.  Please note the Mass times:  Thursday, 8:00 pm at Holy Cross; Friday, 8:45 am at Holy Cross and 8:00 pm at St. John’s.  Note also that there will be Adoration Thursday evening from 7:00 until about 7:45.




ST. JOHN’S CHRISTIAN MOTHERS AND WOMENWe hope to bring new life and new members into our Christian Mother’s/Women group of St. John’s.  All women of the parish are invited to come Tuesday evening, 7:45 pm to the rectory for our meeting.  In case of the wonderful challenge of more people than rectory room, we will meet in the parish center.




YOUTH TO LEAD NEXT SUNDAY, 10:45St. John’s young people are invited to lead various parts of the Mass next Sunday, December 10th at 10:45.  Practice for this will be Friday, 6:30 pm at the Church.




SNOW-SHOVELER NEEDEDSt. John’s is looking for someone who can shovel the church steps, ramp and some of the sidewalks during the winter.  Pay will be $15/hour.  Call Fr. David at 468-2111.




 SCRIPTURE READINGS TODAY – Isaiah 63:16b-17, 19b, 64:2-7; I Corinthians 1:3-9; Mark 13:33-37.




CONGRATULATIONS!To the Pierz High School football team: two state championships in three years is quite an accomplishment!




IMMACULATE CONCEPTION CHURCH IN RICE has their Christmas Cookie, Candy and Gift Sale Saturday, December 9th from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm.  IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH, HILLMAN has a turkey dinner Sunday, December 10th from 11:00 am-12:30 pm.




RETIREMENT FUND FOR RELIGIOUS COLLECTIONNext Sunday an envelope will be attached to the Bulletin for the Retired Religious Fund effort.  Many of our elderly sisters and religious had little provision for their retirement years.  Our generosity can help them live in dignity during this time.  Any check can be made out to the parish.  Please put your envelope number on the bulletin envelope.  And thanks!






STEWARDSHIP for Sunday, November 26th – Adults, $775.00 (51 envelopes); Children, $10.00 (11 envelopes); Adult Loose, $98.25; Children Loose, $20.00; All Souls Day, $5.00 (1 envelope); Energy, $10.00 (1 envelope); Thanksgiving, $230.00 (11 envelopes); Hurricane/Earthquake, $328.00; Building Fund, $120.00 (2 envelopes).  Thanks to all our Parishioners, Children, Visitors, Neighbors, Friends for your Gift of Giving!




ROSARY SODALITY CHRISTMAS PARTY is set for December 10th from 2 to 4:30 pm with Sodality members wishing to exchange a gift is asked to bring a $10.00 exchange gift.  All Sodality members asked to bring a dish to share for supper.  We are also doing the cookies for shut-ins at this time, so please also bring cookies to be put on plates at the Christmas Party.  Thank You so much!




WREATHS – We are once again selling our wreaths.  They are beautiful and no price increase in 5 years.  They are great for homes, as gifts, or on the cemetery.  We can place them out for you if you’d like!




TREE OF LIGHTS – This is our 10th year for the tree of lights!  WOW!  Let’s make the tree loaded with beautiful bulbs to celebrate 10 Year’s!  There are extra on the table in the entryway.  You don’t have to be from Holy Cross to do this! 




HOLY TRINITY RAFFLE CALENDARS will be for sale every Sunday after Mass up until Christmas, $25 each.




THE HARDING PLACE GIFT TREE IS UP!  Please take a tag, purchase the item and return the wrapped gift with tag attached to the church entryway no later than mass-time on Sunday, December 17th.  Let’s make Christmas brighter for our guys at Harding Place!  Thank you!




DONUT SUNDAY on Sunday (today), December 3rd after the 8:45 am Mass at Holy Cross Church with Group 4 doing the honors of serving!




CHURCH CLEANERS – Bernice Banick, Janae Brill, Connie Brisk, Diane Brisk, Doris Brisk, Karen Brisk, Kayla Brisk, Tabitha Brisk and Heidi Bruse.  Thanks to all our wonderful hard-working ladies who come so faithfully each and every week to clean the Lord’s House – Enjoy it!




SAINT JOHN NEPOMUK PARISH NEWS:                                                                                                                                                               


STEWARDSHIP for Sunday, November 26th – Adult, $1,539.00; Youth, $6.50; Loose, $392.80; Thanksgiving: Adult, 480.00; Loose, $583.75; Hurricane & Earthquake, $378.00.  Thanks to all Parishioners, Youth, Friends, Visitors, for your great Gift of Generosity to St. John’s Church!




EVERYONE IS INVITED to a Shower for Baby Jesus.  New or gently used baby items may be placed in the basket which is located on the right front of the church from now until January 7.  Items will be distributed locally through the Pierz Food Shelf.  Thank You’s will be sent from the heart!




BAR BINGO at two locations in Lastrup.  Sunday evenings, 6:00 pm at Skiba’s Bar and Grill. Jackpot is $600.00 for 61 numbers and $400.00 for 52 numbers.  Wednesday evenings, 6:00 pm at Tiny’s Tavern. Jackpot is $600.00 for 56 numbers and $400.00 for 52 numbers by Saint John’s Gaming #02115.  Well, I think it’s time for you to try your Luck on playing Bingo this coming week – Look, the numbers are going up!






Please keep in our Prayers the following – Theresa Becker, Darnell Froelich, Roberta Gross, Ione Hoskins, Katie Houle (Belle Prairie), Christopher Keehr, Diane Kowalczyk, Joey Kozulla, Rita Kruschek (Hillman), Astella Kurtz, Alan Novak (Foley), Carrie Paulsen, LeeAnn Pulak, Lois Roscoe, Robert Schmidtz,  Jerry Wagner, Leon Weiss, Roger Woitalla and Betty Wyatt.  Prayer List for Lastrup is 468-6395 and for Harding is 277-3832. 




SOMEONE TO TEACH FOURTH GRADERS – Father Pierz School of Religion is looking for someone to teach a section of twelve fourth graders starting January 2018 on Tuesday’s from 1:30-3:00 pm.  If you can help us out with this, please call Mark Hoheisel at 320-468-2640.






Holy Trinity Calendar Winners:  11-27 Lenora Poster; 11-28 Maggie Wehseler; 11-29 Dawn Gruber; 11-30 Evelyn Nouis; 12-1 JoJo Wagner; 12-2 Ken & Diane Hoheisel ($35.00 winners); 12-3 George Suska ($75.00 winner).            Congratulations to all our Winners!!!


***GIVING TREE PROJECT – The annual Giving Tree project is set up ready for gift givers to select tags, purchase gifts, and bring to school to support a family for Christmas.  Everyone is welcome to assist with this project or provide a cash donation.  


***RAFFLE CALENDARS are on sale in the HTCS office.  $25/calendar.  1700 calendars sold. Drawing will be December 20th.


***THE ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PROGRAM will be December 13th 1pm and 7pm in the school gym.


***PIERZ FOODS is no longer participating in the receipt program.  They are participating in a new program with their “Best Choice” products.  Please send in the UPC’s from those items (listed with Best Choice on it) to the office.


***CAMPBELL’S SOUP LABEL PROGRAM will end Dec. 2017 – please double check if you have any of the labels WITH the point values that you send them in by Dec. 15.




***TOY BINGO/CASH BINGO on Sunday @ 1pm at the Holy Trinity Gym.


***YOUTH GROUP – St. Nick’s Bonfire and S’Mores on Wednesday, December 6th from [email protected] F&M Bank.


***GIVING TREE GIFTS – December 4th, 6th, 8th, 12th, 13th, 14th & 15th are all organizational nights to organize the Giving Tree gifts and bag the gifts for the less fortunate at the Warehouse (609 4th Ave NE) in Little Falls from 5-7, we would love any adults or students to help on any of these nights.  Great opportunity to help out in the community.  Call Julie 612-965-7030 if you would like to help.


***HELP FILL TRUCK @ Walmart from 10am-3pm for the Salvation Army Gift Giving Program on Saturday, December 9th.


***SHOP FOR THE GIVING TREE – December 13th JH/SH Shop for the Giving Tree at Walmart from 6-8.