November 14 Council Minutes



NOVEMBER 14, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 and started with prayer led by

Fr David.

Members present:  Gary Hebler, Dave Schubert, Horst Hanneken, Fr David, Sheila Rudolph, Deb Woitalla, LeRoy Woitalla, Russ Woitalla, Yvonne Kisor

Members absent:  Dave Skwira and Phyllis Schimdtbauer

Deb made a motion, seconded by Gary to approve minutes of the September 21st meeting.  Motion carried.

Gary made a motion, seconded by Sheila to approve the financial report.  Motion carried.

Leonard Thesing came to offer Teresa and his services for the Tree of Lights and the wreath sale.  This will be their 10th year.  Deb made a motion, seconded by Gary and Sheila for the proceeds to go towards paving the turn around in the cemetery.  Motion carried.

Kitchen floor will be started soon.

Sound proofing the basement is tabled for now.

Entry doors were tabled until spring.

Russ made a motion, seconded by Sheila to purchase 3000 gallons of fuel.  Motion carried.

The seccond band has been confirmed for the bazaar.

Deb will put an ad in the local papers for an organist.

Fr Pierz - no report

Holy Name - no report

Rosary Sodality - Bingo raised approximately $900.00

Holy Name and Rosary Sodality Christmas Party will be December 10

4H will be selling bars in the basement before the Christmas Parade.

Meeting closed at 9:30 with prayer.

Minutes submitted by Yvonne Kisor