July 20,2017



JULY 20, 2017

Meeting was called to  order at 7:35 and started with prayer led by Fr David.

Members present:  Phyllis Schmidtbauer, Dave Schubert, Gary Hebler, Dave Skwira, Fr David, Horst Hanneken, Sheila Rudolph, Russ Woitalla, Deb Woitalla, LeRoy Woitalla, and Yvonne Kisor.

Motion was made by Dave Skwira, seconded by Gary to approve the minutes of the May 18th meeting.  Motion carried.

Motion was made by Gary, seconded by Phyllis to approve the financial report.  Motion carried.

The bandstand will by built on July 29 at 10:00.  Bandstand will be 12 x 12.

Industrial ceiling fans have been installed in both morton buildings.  One in the small building and 3 in the big building.

Deb made a motion, seconded by Russ to buy 2 -  44" octagon picnic tables from Marne Stuckmayer and Dave Woitalla.  The labor to build them is being donated.  Thanks.

Russ will check into getting an outdoor speaker system.

Repair on the pavement in front of the bus garage was tabled until council gets more information.

Marvin Thomas and Horst installed the downspouts.  Thanks.

Deb made a motion, seconded by Gary to replace the kitchen floor.  The work will be done after the bazaar.  Motion carried.

Jenna Brill had necessary repairs to the church vacuum cleaners.  Thanks.

Dave Skwira made a motion, seconded by Gary to raise the salary of the housekeeper by $1/hr.

Dave Schubert is taking care of the handicap ramps.  They should be in place by the bazaar. 

There will be a bazaar meeting on July 27 and 7:30 to determine the bazaar workers list

Meeting ended with prayer at 9:00

Minutes submitted by Yvonne Kisor