May 18, 2017

MAY 18, 2017
Meeting was called to order at 7:35 and started with prayer led by Fr David.
Members present: Gary Hebler, Dave Schubert, Phyllis Schmidtbauer, Dave Skwira, Sheila Rudolph, Fr David, Russ Woitalla, Deb Woitalla, Horst Hanneken, and Yvonne Kisor.
Motion was made by Dave Skwira, seconded by Russ to accept the minutes of the last meeting with the following corrections: The date should be March 16, 2017. We will be installing 3 sprayers instead of 4 as voted on at the March 16 meeting. Motion carried.
Motion was made by Dave Skwira, seconded by Sheila to accept the financial report. Motion carried.
The downspouts are here and just need to be installed.
Dave Schubert will contact Joe Bell about the kitchen floor.
The pine trees are down and have been removed. Thanks Jeff Kloss for donating to that project.
LeRoy and Russ Woitalla repaired the granite on the church. Thank you for doing that.
Deb made a motion, seconded by Russ to install 3 ceiling fans in the big Morton building before the bazaar. Motion carried.
Dave Skwira made a motion, seconded by Deb, to install handicapped accessible ramps to both buildings. Motion carried. Dave Schubert will take care of having this done.
Two picnic tables have been donated, one by the Harding 4H Club and one by Russ Woitalla and family. Sheila made a motion, seconded by Gary to purchase 2 eight foot picnic tables for the bazaar. Motion carried.
Horst will get estimates on a suspended ceiling in the church basement.
Tim Brummer brought the sentence to serve people and spring cleaned the church. Looks very nice. Thank you guys.
The bus garage parking lot is in need of repair. It needs to be dug out and new gravel put in. Dave Schubert made a motion, seconded by Phyllis to have Russ get 2 bids. Motion carried.
Deb made a motion, seconded by Phyllis to approve east side landscaping to level the lawn. Motion carried.
Organ volume continues to be a problem. Deb made a motion, seconded by Dave Skwira to have Valerie turn the volume down on the organ. Motion carried.
Rosary Sodality will be going to St Otto's on June 13 at 1:15 to play bingo.
Next meeting is July 20 at 7:30.
Meeting ended with prayer at 8:30
Minutes submitted by Yvonne Kisor