February 19, 2017



FEBRUARY 19, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 7:30.  Fr David led council in prayer.

Members present:  Phyllis Schmidtbauer, Dave Schubert, Gary Hebler, Horst Hanneken, Dave Skwira, Leonard Thesing, Sheila Rudolph, Deb Woitalla and Yvonne Kisor.

Dave Skwira made a motion to approve the minutes from the January 19, 2017 meeting, motion was seconded by Leonard.  Motion carried.

Sheila made a motion, seconded by Phyllis to accept the financial report.  Motion carried.

Horst will get estimates for the band stand for the bazaar.

The Dynamites 4H group would like to donate a picnic table to the church.

Entry doors are being tabled for now.

Dave Schubert made a motion, seconded by Sheila to order materials for the down spouts.  They will be aluminum and match the color of the roof.  Motion carried.  Horst will order.

Gary made a motion seconded by Deb to install 4 sprayers for the sinks in the kitchen.  Motion carried.  They will be installed before the floor is redone.  Motion carried.

Delores Young and Deb will take care of the council elections.  Leonard and Gary are up for re-election,

Amber is up for Holy Trinity and Horst is up for Fr Pierz.  All can be re-elected.

Dave Skwira will talk to Jeff Kloss about removing the dead tree by the parking lot.

Talked about having a suspended ceiling put in the basement to muffle the sound.  Cost was roughly estimated at $6000.00 for materials and $2500.00 for installation.  Item was tabled for now.

Received estimate from one company to replace the furnaces.  Item was tabled for now.

April 5 is Confirmation.  The Bishop will be there.

April 23 is First Communion in both parishes.

Divine Mercy Sunday will be April 23rd.

Fr would like help keeping track of people in nursing homes, assisted living, or people living alone who would like to have him stop for Holy Communion or prayers.

Fr Pierz is having a meeting March 30.  They are on budget.  They sent two busses for the Relay for Life and worked the MCCL dinner.

No report from Holy Trinity.

Holy Name Society will have their ham bingo on March 26.

Rosary Sodality will be playing bingo in June at St. Ottos.

Next meeting has been set for May 18.

Meeting closed with prayer at 8:35

Minutes submitted by Yvonne Kisor