September 29, 2016

SEPTEMBER 29, 2016
Meeting was called to order at 7:30. Phyllis led the council in prayer.
Members present: Leonard Thesing, Sheila Rudolph, Dave Skwira, Dave Schubert, Gary Hebler, Deb Woitalla, Phyllis Schmidtbauer, Russ Woitalla, Fr David, and Yvonne Kisor.
Sheila made a motion, seconded by Deb to approve the minutes of the July 21 meeting. Motion carried.
Dave Skwira made a motion seconded by Gary to approve the treasurer's report. Motion carried.
Debra Meyer-Myrum presented Holy Trinity's financial information and enrollment information.
Deb made a motion, seconded by Gary to build a band stand, add outlets and add handi-cap accessible ramps to the Morton building. Motion carried.
Gary made a motion, seconded by Sheila to replace the bathroom stool in the basement. Presently there is a youth stool. It will be replaced with a handi-cap one. Leonard will replace it. Motion carried.
Gary made a motion, seconded by Deb to order trees for the cemetery. Motion carried.
Motion was made by Deb seconded by Russ and Phyllis to put a turn around in the cemetery. Motion carried. The proceeds from the Tree of lights and the wreath sales will towards this project.
Fr Pierz fundraising was discussed.
Rosary Sodality will have its turkey bingo November 6.
Next meeting will be November 17 at 7:30.
Meeting closed with prayer at 9:05.
Minutes submitted by Yvonne Kisor