November 3, 2013

SAINT JOHN NEPOMUK CHURCH                             THIRTY-FIRST IN ORDINARY TIME                             HOLY CROSS CHURCH

Box 38                                                                                                   November 3rd, 2013                                        25072 – 285th Avenue

Lastrup, MN  56344                                                                                                                                                         Pierz, MN  56364

   HOLY CROSS CHURCH WEBSITE – hardingchurch.org

                                                                                       FATHER DAVID MACIEJ,  (320) 468-2111


Tuesday                 November 05                       7:00 pm                                 Saint John Nepomuk                            +Hildegard Hoheisel

Wednesday           November 06                       7:30 pm                                 Holy Cross                                      +Deceased Members of KC’s

Thursday                November 07                       8:00 am                                 Holy Cross                                                Special Intention (JEK)

Saturday                November 09                       8:00 pm                                 Saint John Nepomuk                  Raymond & Josephine Hoheisel

Sunday                   November 10                       8:45 am                                 Holy Cross                                                For the Parishes

Sunday                   November 10                     10:45 am                                 Saint John Nepomuk                            +Greg Ziemkowski

                *Divine Mercy Eucharistic Adoration:  7:00-8:00 pm – Thursday, November 14th – Mass: 8:00 pm at Holy Cross Church

                *Rosary and Divine Mercy Prayer – 25 minutes before every Mass at both Parishes

                *Prayer Service:  8:00-9:30 pm every Wednesday evening at Holy Cross Church in the Divine Mercy Adoration Room

                *Confessions:  Saturday, 7:15 pm at Saint John Nepomuk Church – Sunday, 8:15 am at Holy Cross Church


Ushers:                  Sunday                                   November 10                       8:45 am                                 Andy and Jason Woitalla

Servers:                 Sunday                                   November 10                       8:45 am                                 Alyssa Thesing and Katie Hoffman

Lector:                   Sunday                                   November 10                       8:45 am                                 Lynn Donek-Dukowitz

Rosary:                   Sunday                                   November 10                       8:45 am                                 Holy Name

E. Ministers:          Sunday                                   November 10                       8:45 am                              Gary Matlock & Eleanore Skochenski



Ushers:                  Saturday                                November 09                       8:00 pm                                 Mark Beierman and Cory Loidolt

                                Sunday                                   November 10                     10:45 am                                 Roy Boser and David Welle

Servers:                 Saturday                                November 09                       8:00 pm                                 Natalie Nash

                                Sunday                                   November 10                     10:45 am                                 Katelyn Waytashek & Jared Becker

Lectors:                 Saturday                                November 09                       8:00 pm                                 Becky Joerger

                                Sunday                                   November 10                     10:45 am                                 Bonnie Boser

E. Ministers:          Saturday                                November 09                       8:00 pm                                 Geri Pohlkamp

                                Sunday                                   November 10                     10:45 am                                 Karen Schommer



Today’s Gospel speaks about the encounter of Zacchaeus, a tax collector, with Jesus.  And this was an encounter that would change the life Zacchaeu forever.  We hear about the joy that he experienced when Jesus asked to stay at this house, and of the changes he made in his treatment of other people.  It’s worth noting that all of this began with a simple desire that he had to see Jesus.  Just that basic thing was enough to set in motion a series of events that would bring Zaccaehus into salvation.  We can ask ourselves a fundamental question: Do I have a desire to “see” Jesus, to encounter Him?  With that simple hope in place, He will meet me more than halfway and lead me to a fulfilling relationship with Himself.                   Father David


HOLY CROSS FINANCE AND PARISH COUNCILS meet on Wednesday, November 13th, starting at 7:30 pm in the church basement.



 All families and households of Holy Cross are asked to sign up as soon as possible for our new parish director.  A table for this will be in the entry both before and after Sunday Mass.  You can also sign up online at hardingchurch.org.  Any questions, please call Janet Hanneken at 745-2641.  Picture-taking will take place November 25-27, 2:00-9:00 pm in the church basement.  You will need to check in first at the registration table up in the entry.  Let’s make this a full participation event of our parishioners!  And remember: you receive a free directory, plus a free 8” x 10” portrait just for having your picture taken!


KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS MEMORIAL MASS on Wednesday, November 6th at Holy Cross Church.  This is the annual Mass for remembering those Knights of our local council who died this past year.  Their family members are welcome to join us as we commend their loves ones to the Lord.  Any member that wants to help serve lunch please help in the basement.



Due to limited capacity, the installation of Bishop Donald Kettler for the Saint Cloud Diocese is open by invitation only.  This takes place Thursday, November 7th, 2:00 pm, at Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Saint Cloud.  However, anyone is welcome to an evening prayers service the day before at 7:30 pm at the Cathedral.  Also, everyone is invited to the reception after the Installation Mass.  This will take place at Saint Paul’s Church, 1125 – 11th Avenue North in Saint Cloud.



Hands of Hope provides help and resources for those affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse or other related crimes.  A 24-hour hotline is available for call-in at 632-4878 or (toll-free) 888-454-4878.  To learn about volunteering, or for other information, call 632-1657.



In a homily on April 14th, Pope Francis stated: “The testimony of faith comes in very many forms…..yet they are all important, even those which do not stand out.  In God’s great plan, every detail is important even yours, even my humble little witness, even the hidden witnesses of those who live their faith with simplicity.  Let us remember this: those who listen to us and observe us must be able to see in our actions what they hear from our lips.”  (Columbia, June 2013, p.16)



STEWARDSHIP for Sunday, October 27th – Adult, $1,028.00 (53 envelopes); Youth/Children, $8.75 (11 envelopes); Adults Loose, $121.79; Children Loose, $5.00; Mission Sunday, $66.00 (6 envelopes); Votive, $26.00; Building Fund, $85.00 (4 envelopes).  Thank you Parishioners and Children for your generous Gift of Giving.  Kids, do you like giving your money to Jesus?  No, better place!


REMINDER…DONUT SUNDAY, today, November 3rd after the 8:45 am Mass with Group 3 doing the honors of serving coffee/donuts.


CHURCH CLEANERS – Delores Young, Bernice Woitalla, Cindy Young, Wendy Young, Nicole Young, Denise Young, Mary Lou Young and Sherri Ziemkowski.  Thanks go out to all our hard-working ladies for coming each and every week to clean the Lord’s House!



STEWARDSHIP for Sunday, October 27th – Adults, $1,169.00; Youth, 48.00; Loose, $113.00; World Mission Sunday, $50.00.  Thanks!


CHRISTIAN MOTHER’S MEETING on Tuesday, November 19th after the 7:00 pm Mass in the Parish Rectory.  Guest speaker will be someone from the Catholic Foundation.  All women of the Parish are invited.


SAINT JOHN’S PARISH COUNCIL MEETING will be held on Tuesday, November 5th after the 7:00 pm Mass at the Parish Rectory.


BAR BINGO at two locations in Lastrup.  Sunday evenings, 6:00 pm at Herold’s Bar and Grill.  Jackpot is $600.00 for 48 numbers and $400.00 for 54 numbers.  Wednesday evenings, 6:00 pm at Tiny’s Tavern.  Jackpot is $600.00 61 numbers and $400.00 for 56 numbers by Saint John’s Gaming #02115.  I hope you’re enjoying yourself with playing Bingo and winning once in a while Bingo!



Please Keep in your Prayers the following – Lorraine Boxer, Mary Ann Dahmen, Ardyce (Bednarek) Dalbec (Duluth), Marie Dombovy, Darnell Froelich, Cora Gross, Mark & Lucy Hanson, Diane Kowalczyk, Gladys Kowalzek, Astella Kurtz, Mary Lust, Joe Malinowski (Buckman), Michelle Murphy (Colorado), Tim Nash, Judy Riese (Cities), Janis Schubert, Jake Thomsen, Martha Woitalla, Sr.  Prayer List for Lastrup is 468-6395 and for Harding is 277-3832.


INVITATION TO ALL OUR PARISHIONERS AND FRIENDS AROUND US – ROSARY SODALITY TURKEY BINGO: DATE – Sunday, (today) November 3rd ; TIME: 1:30 pm  - This is all taking place at Holy Cross Church basement, with all kinds of fun, maybe even win a turkey, plus there will be a lunch served to all.  The profit will be donated to the Church Roof Repair FundThe invitation is open!


REMINDER…QUILT BINGO on Sunday(today), November 3rd at 1:00 pm at Holy Trinity School gym in Pierz.  Your choice of quilt.  Free lunch will be served.  Door prize.  Sponsored by Saint Joseph’s Church, Pierz.  This is a Catholic United Financial Matching Grant Fund-raiser.


FRANCISCAN HARVEST SUPPER on Saturday, November 9th from 4:30 to 7:00 pm – Saint Francis Convent.  Serving: Chicken, sausage, garden vegetables, coleslaw, bread, homemade bars and beverages will be served.  Please checkout Flyer on bulletin board.



Holy Trinity Calendar Winners:  10-28 Alysia Przybilla; 10-29 Steve Gross; 10-30 Ryan & Heather Helmin; 10-31 Steve & Joyce Kahl; 11-1 Cara Herold; 11-2 Brandon Przybilla ($35.00 winners); 11-3 Mary Boser ($75.00 winner).


KNOWLEDGE BOWLThe knowledge bowl team competed in its first competition of the year and took 3rd place out of 27 teams at Saint Katherine Drexel School, Sauk Rapids.  Congratulations to…..Cole and Brenna Andres, Mariah Olesch, Mason Zajac, Simon Kroll, and Jaron Gross.


SCHOOL BOARD MEETING will be at 7:00 pm on Thursday, November 7th.



SENIOR HIGH YOUTH GROUP is making a meal and feeding those less fortunate in Little Falls on Thursday evening (oasis Share-A-Meal).  Meet at Father Pierz School of Religion at 4:30 pm if you are interested in helping and we will be returning by 8:00 pm.


PIZZA RANCH FUNDRAISER is on Wednesday, November 13th from 5:00-8:00 pm in Little Falls.  Please come and support the youth group and have some dinner at Pizza Ranch!  10% of the profits and all the tips go towards the student.


MINI RETREAT – The following 7th graders have a mini retreat on Thursday, November 7thKaitlyn Lanners, Sara Loidolt, Rachael Lyon, Ryan McCulloch, Caleb Meyer, Natalie Nash, Charles Pekar, Jade Porter, Cole Poser, Alex Poster, Austin Radunz, Krissa St. Onge, Derek Schommer, Justin Seelen, Ashley Sitzman, Faith Smude, Dominic Sopkowiak, Ryan Stangl, Brooke Rudolph, Terri Tretter, Alex Wilson and Ryan Wisnedki.


FROM GRACE’S CORNER:                             EMAIL: [email protected]                           PHONE NUMBER: 277-3832

MY PRAYER FOR EACH ONE OF YOU – God, Our Father, if it is Your will, walk through my house and take away all my worries and illnesses.  And please watch over and heal my family, in Jesus’ Name.  Amen.